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Glide, carve, slide, jump, twist, grind, read the lines...
HAPPO BANKS is the place to enjoy with all the skills you earned.

The one and only snowpark full of banks laid out throughout the slope.

What to do in each section is totally up to your originality.
Various jump points, banks, lip tricks and jibbing spots can be found depending on which line you pick.

Every rider's true board maneuvering sense will be tested for connecting the sections as smoothly as possible.

Glide, carve, slide, jump, twist, grind, read the lines...

Make the most of Happo Banks with your imagination and creativity.
You will find new lines, new possibilities, new challenges on every runs.

Come experience the true joy and happiness of skiing and snowboarding expand at the HAPPO BANKS.


Opening the all new “SKYLINE the BANKS”
To be the trigger to hit the natural banked terrain, is the concept of the SKYLINE the BANKS.

The natural wave-like terrain on the left of the Skyline course has been trimmed and updated to become the perfect feature to carve and slash on. There will be swells created on the course for approaching the main banks deeper and higher.

Trigger the turn to enter the bank.
Trigger the bottom turn after hitting the bank.
It is up to you on how to make use of those subtle terrain features.

SKYLINE the BANKS is all about changing an ordinary slope into a stage to enjoy the bliss of the Turn and the true feeling of Glide.

*SKYLINE the BANKS will be open for a limited time until the opening of the HAPPO BANKS


Open Dates

Feb to 29 March

Due to lack of snow, the opening is currently undecided.

Dates are subject to weather and snow conditions.

Open Hours

Open 9:00am

Close 15:30pm

Hours are subject to weather conditions.


Park use is free of charge (Lift ticket sold separately)

Check lift prices here


  • Make sure to inspect the park before riding and use the items according to your riding ability.
  • Wearing helmets and protectors are strongly recommended.
  • Inspect the landing area and move to a safe place asap when you fall.
  • Always check above you when traversing across the park.
  • Hiking up in the park is prohibited. Please purchase a lift-pass and use the chairlifts.
  • You can have your lift pass confiscated and banned from the park if you duck ropes, snake in or disregard the staff’s instructions.
  • All users are responsible to follow the Happo-one ski area user’s rules.


Hakuba Happo Information Center (Tel: 0261-72-3066)


Park Location

In the Hakuba Happo-one ski area (along Kita-One no.3 pair lift)

Access to Hakuba Happo-one ski area

Click here (Hakuba Happo-one ski area official site)


Access to the park area

Click here (PDF map)

Within the resort

From SAKKA resort

Use Sakka Kita-One quad lift from No.8 Parking lot.

From other resorts

Access to Usagidaira area and hop onto the “Usagidaira pair lift”, you can ride the skyline course all the way down to the park area.